New exhibtion


I am delighted to say that I have a new exhibition at Anna Mather’s new hair salon in Haddington. Anna has opened a fantastic new salon in the heart of Haddington. Anna is an amazing hair dresser and has a very dedicated team. 

As well as being a  amazing place to get your hair done, it is a beautiful space, with high lofty ceilings, fantastic light and plenty of space to show work.  Anna wanted to keep a industrial and contemporary feel to the look of the salon, so it was my job to create work that would provide a good hit of colour and some pieces that reflected Annas personality. 

Building on three previous illustrations I made whilst listening to music I decide to add two more to create a set of five to sit along the staircase as you come up into the main salon space. Using bright bold colours that sat well together and would visually jump of the wall was a important part of the design.  They are hung opposite to where the clients will sit, allowing them to be reflected in the mirrors, feeling as though they are covering more than just one wall in the salon. 


I designed two separate prints which were based on my experience of meeting Anna over the last several months. Anna strikes me as a very determined and strong willed character who is always up for a good laugh and is welcoming and is very passionate about her work. I felt that puns would sit well and would bring a fun light hearted feel. Using ‘Carpe Diem’ and ‘where there is a will there is a way’ as my two main quotes I created the two illustrations. These sit in the space where clients will have their hair coloured.  


The main opening night for the salon is on Saturday the 16th June and I am looking forward to going along and see the space all finished in its final glory. 

Thank you Anna for having my work in your space, and I look forward to discussing the next exhibition with you.  

All prints are available for purchase, please send me a e-mail if you wish to purchase one at

All prints are done on a print to order basis, so can take up to 14 days turnaround, not including postage time. 


Shed a day for ME awareness week

Shed a day project was created for ME awareness week in May 2018. ME is also known as chronic Fatigue Syndrome and over 20,000 people in Scotland alone are diagnosed with this disease with a estimated 2000 new diagnosis each year. There is only one specialist nurse in all of Scotland. I focused on Scotland as this is where my experience is based, but this is a world spread problem, there is a severe lack of funding for much needed biomedical research. This is a disease that claims peoples energy, changing lives forever, what they once knew or did is no longer possible with a estimated 5% chance of full recovery.  The shed a day project was designed to reflect the isolation felt when fatigue takes over and people become housebound. All the sheds are in isolated places in the Scottish hills,  exposed to the ever changing elements mirroring the ever changing symptoms experienced by those with ME/CFS.

This was a great project to be involved in, and also very humbling and a stark reminder that life presents us with opportunities and they should be seized with both hands as tomorrow your world could look very different.