Pencil-Led Workshops


I have created Pencil-led workshops as a way to share my love for creativity in hope to support and encourage people from all walks of life to embrace their creative side. I truly believe being creative is not always about making things, it can be the way people think, problem solve or see the world, it is not exclusive to the arts.

Pencil-Led workshops is about letting the pencil lead the way, travelling over the paper, letting go of preconceived notions of what art should be, what something should look like and allowing the pencil to tell the narrative of what art is to you. Hence the name, Pencil Led Workshops.

As a illustrator I like to focus my work on areas that I am very passionate about.


I am  Dyslexic and feel that it adds to my creative  work, and I am happy and proud to say I am Dyslexic.

I run art groups for children 8-14 to allow a platform to express how they feel about their Dyslexia where words can sometimes not be enough to communicate how they feel.

The groups are focused on the positive aspects of Dyslexia, its creative nature and how this allows for a different way of thinking that brings strength and versatility.

If you wish to know more about my journey with my Dyslexia please follow the link below to a presentation I did for Dyslexia Scotland.

Music, Mediation and Art

I run art workshops for women to come and reconnect to their inner child. Through the use of guided mediation I invite the group to relax and become present in the space, followed by  a carefully chosen piece instrumental music. Once the music fades, the invitation awaits for the participants to come and take art materials and sit and caret art work that feels right for them. the workshop is just as much about eh process as the finished piece. No one has to be a artist or a musician, the only requirement is to be you.

To find out what current workshops I have coming up please check out my events section either on my Facebook page or Instagram.

Please note groups are not therapeutic groups, I run workshops as a Illustrator not as an Art Therapist, but they will have therapeutic qualities interwoven througout. 

If you wish to know any further information please contact me at or check out my Linkdin profile.