New Art Therapy Group

I am excited to be sharing a Art Therapy group I will be running in collaboration with Steampunk coffee in North Berwick from November 16th -21st December for 6 consecutive weeks 6:30-7:70pm. 
Normalisation of mental health is something, which I am very passionate about especially within my local community.

The group is designed for the age group 25-35, a time, which I feel, can be challenging, with a array of different pressures from self, those around you and how society may deem you should be. 
The group will be focusing on the theme of loss. Loss is a word which can encapsulate so many experiences, loss of a loved one, loss of our sense of self, loss for the way our life used to be, a loss of understanding in the world around is. 
Through exploring our sense of loss, expressing our sense off loss we allow time to pause, tune in and witness that even through loss there is a beauty waiting to be unearthed. 
The group will be relaxed and informal but held within a therapeutic framework to enable all to feel heard, seen and witnessed in their experiences. In the group I will use music and images to guide you to express how you feel. 

The cost is a small donation at the discretion of each participant. (Donations go towards the cost of art materials.) 
Please DM for more details or send an email to
Thank you to Steampunk for allowing the use of the space to run this group so we can start to provide more support within our local community and continue to normalise mental health. 

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