Shed a day for ME awareness week

Shed a day project was created for ME awareness week in May 2018. ME is also known as chronic Fatigue Syndrome and over 20,000 people in Scotland alone are diagnosed with this disease with a estimated 2000 new diagnosis each year. There is only one specialist nurse in all of Scotland. I focused on Scotland as this is where my experience is based, but this is a world spread problem, there is a severe lack of funding for much needed biomedical research. This is a disease that claims peoples energy, changing lives forever, what they once knew or did is no longer possible with a estimated 5% chance of full recovery.  The shed a day project was designed to reflect the isolation felt when fatigue takes over and people become housebound. All the sheds are in isolated places in the Scottish hills,  exposed to the ever changing elements mirroring the ever changing symptoms experienced by those with ME/CFS.

This was a great project to be involved in, and also very humbling and a stark reminder that life presents us with opportunities and they should be seized with both hands as tomorrow your world could look very different.

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